Ann Maddocks (Nee Thomas) & Wil Hopcyn

Ann Maddocks (Nee Thomas) The Maid of Cefn Ydfa

Born in 1704 - Baptised  8th of May 1704
(her exact birth date is unknown)
Place of residence: Cefn Ydfa
Father: William Thomas of Cefn Ydfa
Mother: Catherine Thomas (Nee Price) of Tynton, Llangeinor - (sister of Rees Price father of the Philosopher Richard Price.)

  • William Thomas died in 1706 leaving Ann as the heiress of the Cefn Ydfa Estate.
  • Nothing is really known about the Ann’s upbringing except that she learn’t to write until her mother.
  • According to tradition in 1722, when Ann was aged 18 she met Wil Hopcyn.
  • Ann was married to Anthony Maddocks (jr) on the 4th of May 1725
  • She died in 1727 and was buried on the 6th of June.
  • Ann is buried with her father at Llangynwyd.

Although the story suggests that Ann died of a broken heart some other hold the view that she died from an illness likely to be smallpox or another disease.

Ann’s mother Catherine left the Cefn Ydfa Estate, her last known location was Newcastle, Bridgend. Many people believe that she was buried near the Meeting House, Newcastle Hill Bridgend.

The grave of Ann Maddocks (Nee Thomas)  ,The Maid of Cefn Ydfa.

Wil Hopcyn (or Hopkin)

Born or Baptised on 24/11/1700
Place of residence: Gwan-y-Llan
The grave of Wil Hopycn.

Mother: Diana Hopcyn (or Hopkin)
Brothers: Hopkin Thomas
   Jenkin Hopkin : Born or Baptised: 20/4/1703
   Thomas Hopkin : Born or Baptised: 14/4/1706

  • The Hopcyn (or Hopkin) family were known as Yeomen (farmers who owned land)
  • He was a local tiler and plasterer.
  • Known as ‘Hop The Bard’
  • IoIo Morganwg claimed that Wil was the author of “Bugeilio‘r Gwenith Gwyn” (Known in English as Watching the White Wheat
  • Nothing really known of Wil Hopcyn apart from his satire upon the Poets at the Cymmer Eisteddfod in 1735.
  • Wil was a pauper on his death in 1741 as was his mother and brother Jenkin on their deaths.
  • Wil is buried at Llangynwyd.

Image: museumwales

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