The Workers of Bridgend (and Porthcawl) - Slaters Commercial Directory

A description of Bridgend taken from Slaters Commercial Directory (1858/59)

"Bridgend, is a market hamlet, in the parish of Coyty, hundred of Newcastle, county of Glamorgan; 180 miles w. from London, 18 S.E. from Neath, and about 6 w. from Cowbridge; situated on the Line of the South Wales Railway, and on both sides the river Ogmore, which abounds with salmon, trout and other fish. This river is the boundary of the two divisions of the town, respectively named 'Old Castle' and 'New Castle'. In this part of the country the coal mines are many and rich, and their produce of an excellent quality. The courts here are those of the manor of Coyty, held annually, under the Earl of Dunraven, the lord of the manor; petty sessions every Saturday, before the resident magistrates, and the New County Court held monthly for the recovery of debts to any amount not exceeding œ50. A handsom new town hall has been erected for the accommodation of those transacting the public business of the town; and a mechanics institute has been established, with a reading room, and well selected library for the members. The 'Bridgend Chronicle' published every Friday, though but recently established, has attained a respectable position as a local newspaper.

The places of Worship are a church of the establishment at New Castle, a chapel of ease at Old Castle, the mother church being at Coyty, a mile distant; and chapels for dissenters in the town and neighbourhood. A well supported National School, in which one hundred and thrity boys and girls are instructed, was founded by Sir. J. Nichol; and there is a savings' bank, of which the Rev. H. L. Blosse, is actuary. Coyty Castle, a fine old ruin, is a contributary beauty in the picturesque scenery of this neighbourhood, and well worth the notice of the antiquary and the artist. The weekly market, and excellently supplied one, is on Saturday, in a neat market-house, erected by the Earl of Dunraven. Fairs, April 1st, Ascension-Thursday, and November 17th. The parish of Coyty (with which the population of Bridgend is returned) contained in 1841, 1, 764 inhabitants, and in 1851, 2,299."

The Slaters Directory was basically the Phone Book of the 1800's.

Below is the 'Phone Book' of Bridgend
(All persons below are located in Bridgend unless stated)

Academies and Schools
Academy:  A secondary or high school. The term is usually used when talking about a private school.
School: An institution where instruction is given, especially to persons under college age.

Infant's School, Bridgend
Mistress: Elizabeth Clondsly

National School, Bridgend
Master: John Hutchinson 

Attorney: A Lawyer i.e. attorney- at-law.

Samuel Cox
William Lewis
Evan Popkin


Auctioneer: A person who conducts sales at an auction.

Robert Evans
Williams James, Town Hall, Bridgend 

Baker: A person who makes and sells Bread, Cakes etc.

Evan Brown
Watkin David
William Davies
Thomas Millward

Bank: An institution that is used for paying, saving and exchanging money.

Savings' Bank, Bridgend: Rev. H. L. Blosse (Actuary)


Blacksmith: A person who makes Horse shoes and also shoes Horses.

Watkin David
David Thomas 

Booksellers and Stationers
Bookseller: A person who sells books.
Stationer: A person that sells materials used for writing.

John Griffiths (also a painter and book binder)
William Leyshon (also a painter and boo binder)

Boot and Shoe Makers
Boot/Shoe Maker: A person who makes Boots and Shoes.

Peter Connor
Thomas Cooke
James Elliot
William Morgan
Isaac Nicholas 


Butcher: A retailer or wholesale dealer in meat.

Edward David
Edmund Walters

Cabinet Makers
Cabinet Maker: A person who makes Cabinets.

William Evans
Joseph Singer

Carpenters and Joiners

Carpenter and Joiner:  A person who works with wood i.e. making wooden doors, repairing wooden shelves or panelling.

John Austin
Thomas Roberts
Thomas Phillips 
William Matthews

Chemists and Druggists
Chemist/Druggist:  A specialist in Chemistry:  a person who compounds or prepares drugs according to medical prescriptions; i.e. apothecary; pharmacist; dispensing chemist.

Thomas Jones
John Price 

China and  Glass Dealers
China/Glass Dealer: A person who deals China and Glass.

Josiah Lewis 
Margaret Richards

Coal and Iron Proprietors
Coal/Iron Proprietor: A person that owns a Coal or Iron Works 

Brogen and Sons, Tondu Iron Works - Thomas David (Agent) 
Ford and Son, Bryndu Colliery - Geo. Davies (Agent) - Porthcawl

Coal Dealers
Coal Dealer: A person/business that distributes Coal.

David Bryant
William Bryant
Joseph Harris 

Confectioner: A person who makes or sell sweets.

Thomas Millward
Sarah Jemima Dyer
William Shelland

Fire and Office Agents
Fire Agents: A person/group of people who deal with Fires i.e. a Fire Service.

Legal and Commerical: Edward Loveluck
Phoenix (LIFE) : William James, Town Hall, Bridgend

Grocers and Dealers in Sundries
Grocer:  The owner or operator of a store that sells general food supplies and certain nonedible articles of household use, as soaps and paper products.

Evan Brown
Catherine Burnell
Thomas Edwards
William and Ann Hopkins
Jenkin Jenkin 


Inn:  A commercial establishment that provides lodging (Also see Taverns and Public Houses)

Wyndham Arms (commercial, family and posting house) - Josephy Cragoe, Bridgend
York: Eleanor Quiney

Ironmonger:  A person that sells Metal domestic products. 

Mary Edwards
Janet Thomas
George Williams

Linen Drapers

Linen Draper: A retailer of Linen and other cloth.

Johns Edwards
Evans & Jons
Edward Loveluck
Susanna Howell 

Maltster: A person who makes and distributes Malt.

Thomas Lewis
Henry Matthews

Miller: A person who operates a Mill. 

William David
Mary Hopkin and Son, Ewenny 

Painters and Glaziers

Painter: A painter is some who uses the practice of painting as a living.
Glazier: A glazier is a person who cuts, installs and removes glass.

John Johns
William LottSusan Thomas (Paper Hanger)

Plasterers and Tilers

Plasterer: A tradesman who works with Plaster.
Tiler: A tradesman who tiles the roofs of buildings i.e. a Tiler may tile the roof of a house.

David Gregory
Thomas Walters 

Saddler: A person who makes saddles.

William Blake
William Jones
David Williams

Seed and Manure Merchants
Seed/Manure Merchant: A person that deals in Seeds and Manure.

John Morgan Hall (Agricultural implement maker and wool stapler)
Thomas and  Co. (and agricultural implements and corn merchants)  

Slate MerchantsSlate Merchant: A person who distributes Slate.

David Gregory 
John Howell (and corn), Porthcawl

Stone Masons
Stone Mason: A person who works with Stone.

George Bevan
Jenkin Jenkin
Edward Jenkins 

Straw Bonnet Makers and Milliners
Straw Bonnet Maker: A person who make Straw Bonnets.
Milliner: A person who designs and manufactures hats.

Rachael Blake
Grace David
Jane Davies
Rachael Jones
Catherine Phillips
Ann Thomas
Catherine Thomas 

Surgeon: A specialist in Surgery. 

Michael Leahy (M.D)
Michael Allen
Abraham John Verity 

Tailor: A person who makes, repairs and alters clothing.

John Cooke
Cornelius Daly
William Davies
Titus Lloyd, Porthcawl

Tallow marks shown on a fire place at St Johns House, Bridgend

Tallow Chandlers
Tallow Chandler: A person who makes and sells Tallow Candles.

‘Tallows’ are a form of candle. They were made by collecting reeds whilst fetching water, then filling them with or dipping them in animal fat.

Eliza Longdon
Janet Thomas

Taverns and Public Houses

Tavern: A place where people gather to drink alcohol and be served food, and in some cases, where travellers receive lodging.
Public House: (Pub) - A drinking establishment.

Angel: Edmund Watters
Bear: Margaret Evans
Castle: Catherine Rees
Lamb: David Francis
Masons' Arms: Catherine Phillips
Nolton Castle: William Fry
Welcome-to-Town: Thomas George 

Retailers of Beer
Beer Retailer: A person who distributes Beer.

Thomas Evans
John Lewis
John Phillips
Martha Morgan
William Pitt
William Rees

St Johns House, where the Lewis family resided from 1851 - 1919

Tin Plate Workers

Tin Plate Worker:  A who makes, repairs and in some cases sells tinware.

Moses Barrett

David Lewis

David Lewis and his family resided at number 22 Newcastle Hill, Bridgend or as it is more commonly known as St Johns House. They Lewis family lived at the house from 1851 until 1919. 
Two of his sons went on to become Tin plate Workers.

Watch and Clock Makers
Watch/Clock Maker: A person who makes, repairs and sells Watches and Clocks.

Thomas David
William Griffiths
Samuel Marks (and silversmith and jeweller)  

Wheelwright: a person who makes and repairs wheels for carts.

William Matthews
Thomas Phillips
William Roberts 

Wine and Spirits Merchants
Wine/Spirit Merchant:  A person who sells and distributes Wine and Spirits.

Morgan Phillips
John W. Lewis


John Davies: Hairdresser

William Lamb: Nail Maker
Thomas Lewis: Brewer
Mary Richard: Weaver
Thomas Stockwood: Clerk to the Magistrates 
Frederick Williams: Salt Merchant
Thomas Williams: Cooper
John Jones: Flannel Manufacturer
Watkin David: Plumber

Read the full Slaters Commercial Directory

Images: The Old Stone Bridge by Heather John
Bridgend Town by Mike Stokes       

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