The Workers of Bridgend: Webster & Co.'s Directory of Bristol & Glamorganshire, 1865

Glamorgan County Asylum Glamorgan County Asylum:
Staff of Officials: (*non-resident)

Medical Superintendent: David Yellowlees, Esq, M.D
Chaplain: *Rev. James Jones
Clerk and Steward: Mr. William Jenkins
House Keeper: Emma Mitchell

Michael Allen, Nolton Cottage: Surgeon
Thomas Arthur, Aberkenfig: Beer Retailer
Leander Beha, Dunraven Place: Watchmaker and Jeweller
David Brown, Newcastle: Grocer
John Brown, Nolton Street: Green Grocer
Jane Campbell, Nolton Street: Shopkeeper
Mrs. Caroline Clark, Newcastle Hill: Boarding and Day School
Samuel Cox, Priv res, Pencoed:  Solicitor, registrar of births marriages and deaths.
John Cook, Nolton Street: Tailor and Woollen Draper
Ebenezer David, Newcastle: Bootmaker
Evan David, Tyn-y-garn:  Shoemaker
Hay David, Union Place: Shoemaker
Jenkin David, Coity: Farmer

Watkin David, Newcastle: Plumber
William David, Newcastle: Miller
James Davies, Dunraven Place: Painter
Richard Davies, Wild Mill Farm: Farmer
William Davies, Adare Street: Tailor
Jno Doxsey, Wyndham Street: Coach Builder
Mrs. Dyer, Caroline Street: Grocer
Edward Edwards, Dunraven Place: Bootmaker
Jacob Evans, North Street: Tailor
Thos Evans, Adare Street: Commission Agent
William Giles, Union Street: Wheelwright and Shoeing Smith
David Griffiths, Elder Street: Potato Merchant
William Griffiths, Queen Street: Watchmaker
Joseph Harris, Wyndham Street: Coal Merchant
Miss. Hawkins, Nolton Street: Dressmaker
John Hopkin, Adare Street: Beer Retailer
Thomas Hopkins, Market: Butcher
Mrs. Anne Howell, Nolton Street: Lime Manufacturer
John Howell, Nolton Street: General Merchant
Mrs. S Howell, Dunraven Place: Linen Draper
James James, Coity: Farmer
David Jenkins, Nolton Street: Bootmaker
John Jenkins, Oldcastle: Stonemason
Miss. Jenkins, Newcastle Hill: Dressmaker
Rees Jenkins, Caroline Street – Priv res Newcastle : Solicitor
Henry Johns, Nolton Street: Coal Dealer
Daniel Jones, Aberkenfig: Woollen Manufacturer
Mary Ann Jones, Queen Street: Grocer
Richard Jones, Park Farm: Farmer
Richard Jones, Fairfield Terrace: Commercial Traveller
David Lewis, Newcastle: Tinplate Worker
John Lewis, The Market: Butcher
John Leyshon, Coity:  Farmer
Robert Leyshon, Inland Farm: Farmer
David Lloyd, Caroline Street: Bootmaker and Tea Dealer
Mrs. M Loveluck, Dunraven Place: Linen Draper
Samuel Marks, Dunraven Place: Watchmaker
Isaac Matthews, Pen-evay: Collector of Rates and Farmer
William Matthews, Aberkenfig: Carpenter
Evan Morgan, Dunraven Place: Cabinet Maker, Upholsterer and Undertaker
John Morgan, Elder Street: Baker and Flour Dealer
Martha Morgan, Nolton Street: Beer Retailer
John Philliphs, Nolton Street: Carpenter and Wheelwright
Thomas Philliphs, Union Street: Timber Merchant, Wheelwright and Smith
William Pitts, Nolton Street: Beer Retailer
William Powell, Caroline Street: Chemist and Druggist
Benjamin Price, Angel Street: Tanner, Currier, Leather Merchant and Farmer
David Rees, Coity: Farmer
Illtyd Rees, Norton Street: Beer Retailer and Mason
William Rees, Newcastle: Beer Retailer
Edward Rees, Rhiew: Plasterer
Thomas Roberts, Nolton Street: Carpenter
William Roberts, Coity Street: Wheelwright and Beer Retailer
Henry Robinson, Park Street: Day School and Teacher of Music
Richard Saddler, Rose Cottage: Superintendent of Police
George Sailsbury,  Coity Street: Blacksmith
John Shore, Aberkienfig: Beer Retailer
Thomas Stockwood, Town Hall: Solicitor, Clerk to Magistrates, Solicitor and Agent to the Dowager Countess of Dunraven.

Dan Thomas, Coity: Shoemaker
David Thomas, Queen Street: Blacksmith
David Thomas, Nolton Street Grocer
John Thomas, Coity: Parish clerk
William Thomas, Station Road: Timber Merchant, Builder and Contractor
Llewellyn Wallington. Dunraven Place: General Dealer
Thomas Walter, Market: Butcher
John Williams, Morfa Cottage: Haulier
Thomas Williams, Claypitts: Farmer and Potter
Phillip Woodman, Nolton Street: Clerk

Inns and Public Houses

James Beavis, Wyndham Street: York Hotel and Posting House
Joseph Cragoe, Dunraven Place: Wyndham Arms, Family and Commercial Hotel, Posting House and Inland Revenue Office.
Edward David, Caroline Street: Red Cow
Griffith David, Nolton Street: Joiners Arms
Thos David, Caroline Street: Market Arms
John Davies, Adare Street: Victoria
Mary Davies, Elder Street: Red Lion
David Francis, Newcastle: Horse and Groom
James Francis, Coity: King’s Head
Thomas George, Nolton Street: Welcome to Town
John Griffiths, Dunraven Place: Bear Family and Commercial Hotel and Posting House
John Gwyn, Union Place: Star Inn
Thomas Hopkins, Dunraven Place: Ship Commercial Hotel and Posting House
Thomas Jenkins., Newcastle: Lamb
John Jones, Aberkenfig: Golden Lion
Thomas Jones, Aberkenfig: Angel
Daniel Lewis, Oldcastle: Coach and Horses
John Lewis, Caroline Street: Tennis Court Inn
Thomas Morgan, Aberkenfig: Prince of Wales
David Inn, Coity Street: Oak and Ash Inn
Samuel Rees, North Street: Masons’ Arms
Mary Richards, Angel Street: Cross Keys

Images: Old Photographs of Bridgend: Mike Stokes - Old Stone Bridge: Heather John

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