Candleston Castle

Candleston Castle, is a 14th century fortified manor house, situated 1.2km northwest of Ogmore Castle, surrounded by the huge dunes system of Merthyr Mawr warren.

The manor house is allegedly named after the de Cantelupe family who were the manors first feudal tenants. The de Cantelupe family are known to have connection's with the de Londres family who occupied Ogmore Castle although it is known that Candleston Castle  was built later than Ogmore Castle. Candelston’s other tenants may have included the Denys, Sir William Horton, Sir Matthew Cradock, Sir William Doddington, Robert Grenville and  Sir John Nicholl of Merthyr Mawr, Sir John being the last of the tenants. It is known that  Candleston severed as a farmhouse up until the late 19th century when it was eventually abandoned.

The manor house being built during the 14th century has seen many renovations including having a hall renovation during the 15th century, during the 17th century a west wing was added to the manor house and also during the 18th century a stable block was added which extended from the east wall of the 14th century tower.

It’s elevation has saved the manor from encroachment of the sands unlike Kenfig which has been completely submerged by sand.

During 1823 it is said that the sands of Merthyr Mawr exposed about 300 yards (to the west of the manor) substantial remains of a manorial windmill. Foundations of further buildings have reportedly been seen close by.

There is rumour of a lost village of Candleston hidden under the sands of Merthyr Mawr but there is no evidence to prove this.

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