Meet the Rees'

William, Willie-John and Elizabeth Rees

William Leonard Rees was born in 1878 at Pontypool. His wife Elizabeth Rees (Nee Huish) was born on the 21st of January 1880 at Alice Street, Plymouth.

They both married on 19th of March 1900 at St. Craddocks, Pontypool.

They went on to have ten children, two of which were adopted.

Billy Eastman: Adopted/Taken in
William John: Adopted
Thomas Marvin: b.2/10/1910
Leonard Heart: b. 10/8/1912
Vera Huish: b. 28th/11/1908
Elizabeth Ray: b. 1908 – d.1916
Roy: b. 8/11/18 – d. 16/2/1919
Walford Francis: b. 25/9/1913 – d. 31/1/1914
Ronnie: b.8/11/1918
Rhymal Eirwyn: b. 29/1/1916 – d. 5/7/2006

Elizabeth Rees was a spiritualist and a practicing Medium with her chosen place of worship being The Spiritualist Chapel which was situated on Meadow Street, Pontycymer.

Mediumship is defined as the practice of certain people—known as mediums—to mediate communication between spirits of the dead and other human beings. While no evidence has been accepted by the wider scientific community in support of the view that there has been communication between the living and the dead, some parapsychologists say that some of their research suggests that such communication may have taken place.

Elizabeth conducted her séances in the top back bedroom of their Victoria Street (Pontycymer) address this involved table tilting and passing messages on to loved ones from ‘the other side’.

Elizabeth died in 1941, leaving her husband who later died in 1958.

45 Victoria Street and The Doctors House

Rhymal: Elizabeth Rees and her children! 

Rhymal Eirwyn Rees was born at 13 Thornton Crescent on the 29th of January, 1916.
He was a very flamboyant young man who travelled where ever there was work.We know that he served in the Shetland Islands as a Dispatch Rider during World War Two, but we do not know what regiment he was in or even which part of the Shetlands he was based. Rhymal was a keen boxer (Bantam Weight) and he was a damn good Yodeler as he frequently sang in front of his fellow soldiers.

Margaret: Margaret and her sisters! 

Richard Perkins was born on the 11th of June 1881 in Carmarthen, South Wales. His wife Alice Helen Perkins (Nee Walburn) was born in 1889. They married at Bridgend on the 31st of July 1907.

They went on to have eight children:

Margaret Rees (Nee Perkins)
Margaret Doreen: b.22/9/1914
Phyllis Linda: b.24/6/1909 – d.1981
Celia M: b.1916
Megan: b.3/11/1921 – d. 16/6/1996
Gwyneth I : b. 1918 – d. 12/8/2010
Hubert John: b. 19/3/1913 – d. 1990
William Roy – b. 1911 – d. 1938
Thomas Douglas: b. 2/2/1920 – d. 1987

Margaret Doreen Perkins was born on the 22nd of September, 1914 in Pontycymer.
Margaret went to service at "The Doctors House", Pontycymer – next door to her future home.

Rhymal, Eirwyn and Margaret! 

Margaret and Rhymal were ‘courting’ for thirteen weeks before they tied the knot in secret on the 6th of September, 1937. After the wedding they went for an aeroplane ride around the skies of Porthcawl, later returning to work on the same day as if nothing had happened.

They both went on two have two children:

Eirwyn Rhymal:  b. 22/7/1939
Marvin Richard: b. 1941

Eirwyn and Marvin

Margaret and Rhymal were married for sixty-nine years before Rhymal died at the aged of 90 in 2006. Margaret later died in 2013, aged 98.

Rhymal and Margaret

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