Open Doors 2013: St. John's House

This year St. John's House Trust were joined by the Meibion Y Ddraig Archers and Bridgend Local History Society - together they brought the Medieval House on the hill to life! - The house was filled with the sights, sounds and smells of Medieval Wales: with *approx 200 people through the doors this weekend, it is obvious that the weekend was a success! 

What is Open Doors?

"The Civic Trust for Wales and its partners are delighted to offer listings of this year's Open Doors events. The programme features old favorites and many new events and activities. Open Doors events depend on the support and commitment of hundreds of volunteers who give their time to host and interpret sites and buildings, to lead guided tours and present talks and exhibitions. Without their hard work there would be no Open Doors." - Civic Trust Website 

Who are Meibion Y Ddraig?

"Meibion Y Ddraig was formed by friends with a passion for Archery, a love of history and a particular interest in the most feared weapon in Medieval times ‘The Longbow’.

To survive and feed our families we will fight for any who will pay for our skills and as we join the 100 year War with France although our roots are in Wales, the side we choose is dependent on who pays the most.

The long bow was born in Wales of a wood that grew plentiful in our Welsh countryside ~ the Elm, Ash and Rowan. The English and Scots soon learnt to fear it and traded their shorter flatter bows for ‘The Welsh Bow’ (its original name). The English extended it, made it of Yew, which became the Prince of Woods for making a longbow, and called it ‘The English Longbow’." - Meibion Y Ddraig Website


Who are Bridgend Local History Society?

Bridgend Local History Society are a team of history enthusiasts who organise monthly historical lectures on the history of the locality - the team includes Local Historians Natalie Murphy, Christine Phillips, Charles Thorp amongst other well known community members. 

During their time at St. John's House Open Doors Event the Society showcased photographs and information regarding the history of the Newcastle Hill Area, this included: Photographs of the now demolished Vicarage,   the Unitarian Chapel, the Cottages of Newcastle Hill along with various other historical information. 

Natalie Murphy, Bridgend Local History Society

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