Bridgend Workhouse Improvements (1839 - 1860)

Bridgend Workhouse

February '39: Separate room provided for the disorderly in which their food was to be limited to one ounce of bread at each meal.

April '39: Bell pulls obtained.
February '40: Privy built in Vagrants' yard.
December '41: The pathway that had been made from the town to the Workhouse was considered by Mr John Randall, agent to the Dunraven Estate, to have taken up more land than had been agreed.

April '42: Walls around yard wired to prevent inmates scaling them so easily.
May '44: Men's workshop partitioned to make room for 'task bones' to be stored. Part of the Probationary ward divided so as to provide a general store room.

September '44: Laundry attended to and flue repaired.
October '44: Old infirm male paupers to occupy empty boys' ward (open to south and airy), Female able-bodied paupers to occupy girls' yard. Old women allowed to use the garden door for transit.

October '45: Base of chimney in boys' bedroom leaded because of 'smokiness'. Stove from the kitchen taken outside and then repaired.

March '49: Pipes laid to water closet.
September '50: Pump and water cocks repaired. Two privies moved to a more suitable place with a cesspool for each privy 8 feet long, 31/2 feet wide and 5 feet deep.

December '50: Pigsties tiled.
March '51: Chimneys inn sick and repaired.
January '52: Causal Ward divided.
December '53: Chimney in board room opened and repaired. Drains opened for inspection.
April '53: Schoolroom to be used as a day room .
September '54: Fifteen chimneys swept (6d each).
November '54: Girls' bedroom divided to provide schoolroom.

July '57: Locks bought for doors of the store room and outer door of Workhouse padlocked with key left in custody of Matron.

September '57: Women's sleeping room plastered.
October '57: Drains and tanks cleaned (by John Davies for £2.10.10d)
November '57: Reception ward for paupers constructed within the building.

January '58: Outer wall of front yard raised three feet and iron spikes and glass placed on it. Aged Women;s ward converted into aged men's sick ward by changing door leading to garden into a window, and by making two windows in the opposite wall, while closing those facing the garden.

March '58: New stack of chimneys built for £10.
May '58: Steam boiler fixed.
July '58: Doors, woodwork and windows painted. Porter's room repaired. Men's bedroom and passage plastered.

March '59: Drainage pigsties improved.
September '59: Men's yard covered with asphalt. Taps provided so as to have water supply in each ward. Sick wards ceiled and plastered.

October '59: New boiler bought and also new appliances for cooking apparatus.
March '60: Drains attended to: the one passing under the women's yard closed, and a new pipe drain placed in men's yard leading to grating with men's lavatories draining into it. New barrel drain placed in boy's yard leading to tank. All pipes, drains cisterns and chutes attended to.

Bridgend Workhouse

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