The Randall Memorial


Unveiling, 1860.
During 1826 the management of the Dunraven Estate was taken on by John Randall from Salibury, Wiltshire. Due to his professional and far-sighted supervision the Estate was to prosper for the benefit of  both the landlord and tenants.

Upon his death in 1859, Caroline, Countess of Dunraven (Bridgend seat: Dunraven Castle) who was a friend and admirer of Randall's loyal work in Bridgend, commissioned the design and silting of the drinking fountain in his memory. The fountain was one of two that Caroline has erected in the town, this one being known locally as 'The Randall Memorial'.

John Randall was succeeded by his son Henry who continued his fathers work. The Dunraven Estate was in the capable hands of the Randall's for over 100 years.


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