Island Farm: Hut 9 Open Weekend, March 2014.

On Sunday 9th of March, I visited Hut 9's Open Weekend - The Hut was opened as part of the Hut 9 Preservation Groups efforts to preserve, restore and spread awareness of their cause.  (more information)

We were welcomed by the Bridgend County Borough Council Conservation Team who "booked" us in and showed us to our seats.

Brett Exton (Local Historian and owner of gave an interesting and insightful talk about Island Farm's History: including before, during and after its time as a Prisoner of War Camp.  

Brett Exton

We were then split up into two groups: The group I was in was given a tour of the outside of the building by Military Historian Dr. Jonathan Hicks (Chairman of the Preservation Group).

We were then taken inside Hut 9 by Richard Williams (Living History Re-enactor and Historian) - he talked to us about the importance of the restoration and preservation of Hut 9, how it will be used to educate children from local schools and around the world about Bridgend's War history. 

If you would like any more information on Island Farm and Hut 9: check out the following links.

Hut 9 Preservation Group:

Hut 9 Preservation Group: Twitter Facebook

Dr. Jonathan Hicks - John Thomas - Richard Williams

Corporal Ward 

Sources: All images are mine (Louvain Rees) 

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