'This is Your Heritage' - 2014.

This morning I ventured to Bryngarw House and Country Park. Situated just outside Brynmenyn, it is thought to have been built sometime during the 15th century and perhaps used as a farmhouse but the first recorded reference of Bryngarw House is actually seen in 1743.
(You can read a detailed history of the house here.)

This years 'This is Your Heritage' event was themed around the Centenary of The Great War - as we arrived at the house we were greeted by re-enactors dressed a Great War soldiers who were stood in a replica Great War trench.There they were teaching the children about the Great War and involving the children in 'solider survival skills' demonstration. 

Sounds of the war were played throughout the exhibition areas and the out side of the building. 

The house was a buzz with people including Suffragettes, a solider from the Home Guard and even Medieval Peasants.  

The event, which was organised by Reach, the Heritage Lottery Fund and Digital Bridgend (BCBC) - gave the public the chance to meet their local historical societies, re-enactors and discover the history of the local area. 

Guest speakers included: 

Dr. Jonathan Hicks, Roy Meredith, Stephen Barlow and Andrew Lloyd-Hughes.  

Among those who exhibited at this event were:

Swansea Pals Reenactors
The Welch Horse Reenactors

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