Edward Loveluck and The Lost Coffin Family Tombstone.

Edward Loveluck at Merthyr Mawr, 1931.

During my latest research, I have found an article written by Janet Hearle entitled "The Lost Coffin Family Tombstone". Janet Hearle was the daughter of the well known  architect and some time historian Mr. Edward Loveluck. 

Edward Loveluck was born to Charles and Martha Loveluck on the 4th of December, 1879. He was born at Brewery Road which was in the Newcastle area of Bridgend. (He was later christened at St. Illtyd's Church, Newcastle Hill on the 9th of January, 1880.)  

We know that sometime during the early 1900's Edward left school and started work at the office of a local architect. From then on, he rose through the ranks - studying and taking exams until he became a fully qualified charted surveyor and architect. Edward Loveluck was also known for his service to the people of Bridgend. He was a member of the BUDC from 1913 - 1925. (During this time he was appointed chairman twice.) During 1928 Edward Loveluck was appointed as permanent Justice of the Peace of the County of Glamorgan.  

During his time as an architect and surveyor, Edward (along with other notable individuals such as: Dr. Randall,  T. Edgar Smith and Robert Nicholl) was involved with an attempt to restore the "Hospice" on Newcastle Hill. It was in this time that a Celtic bell was found during the demolition of the Georgian extension attached to the "Hospice". During his later years Edwards was active within the British Legion and the Boy Scouts. 

On the 18th of March, 1955, aged 75 Edward Loveluck passed away. 

In the Acknowledgements of  'Bridgend: The Story of a Market Town' by Dr. Henry Randall he writes:

"My thanks are due in the first place to Edward Loveluck, Architect of Bridgend, whose knowledge of the town and district was unrivalled, but whose sad death in  March, 1955, prevented him from seeing the book that he had done so much to promote."

Janet Hearle, 1931.

Below are some of the notes from the article I mentioned at the start of this post - I sort of went off on a tangent about Edward Loveluck! (apologies) 

 "The Lost Coffin Family Tombstone" - Janet Hearle, 1984. 

The Coffin family made their appearance in Bridgend in the 18th Century with the coming of the first Walter Coffin from Selworthy, Somerset. he married a relative of the famous Dr. Richard Price of Tynton Llangeinor.

Unfortunately, the direct line of the Coffin family died out in three generations but they were, however, connected with an amazing number of interesting people whose achievements are well known, well documented and  beyond the scope of  this short article.

The third* Walter Coffin put down the first pit in the Rhondda, at Dinas. He later became a Member of Parliament. The family were non-conformist and on their deaths were buried in the former Unitarian Chapel at the bottom of Newcastle Hill and Park Street (Bridgend).

Miss Caroline Williams, a great-niece of Anne Coffin, wife of the second Walter Coffin, was born in Newcastle and she became a benefactor of Cardiff University College as well as a campaigner for the better education and advancement of women. She expressed a desire that her remains should be placed n the chapel where her illustrious relatives were buried. 

I made notes of the Coffin Tombstone many years ago. It was to the left of the entrance path to Elim Chapel (the Unitarian Chapel) and centrally placed before the building, midway between it and the Park Street boundary wall. It consisted of a plain stone 'table' with a stout, high railing around it. 

On one vertical side of the 'table' was the following inscription: 

"In memory of Walter Coffin, of this Parish,
who died July 5th, 1812 aged 81,
And of Anne, his wife, who died at Llandaff, 
July 28th, 1823, aged 71,
And of Mary, their daughter,
Born Feb. 23rd. 1786
Died Sept. 23rd. 1842.
And of John, their son,
Born Sept. 8th. 1782
Died Oct. 19th.1842."

On the opposite vertical side was the following:

"Sarah Coffin, daughter of  Walter and Anne Coffin,
Born 1791, died 1854
Also William, sone of the aforesaid Walter and Anne Coffin, 
Born Aug. 14th 1790, died Nov. 22nd. 1863.
And also of Walter Coffin, sone of the aforesaid Walter and Anne Coffin,
Born June 7th. 1784, died Feb. 15th. 1867,
Aged 82 years."


* - I have corrected the author (Janet Hearle) 
Sources: BLHS - Dr. Randall - Janet Hearle - LLGC 

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